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Continental 100 is one of the numerous real estate companies in our city and Serbia.

What distunguishes us from the rest?

First of all - wide range of real estate services and number of properties that we offer... Continental 100 provide leasing service for a number of landlords and tenants in Belgrade. You can have information on our website for every single property which is stored in our database...and we mean it literally. With such approach, our clients have non-biased and clear picture of our market and quality of offered properties. Our website has over 50000 photos of propeties, the number which can be hardly found elsewhere in the world. Continental 100 offers only properties that have been visited and checked by our experienced agents. Why are we doing business this way? Simply - quality is more important than the quantity for us!

We will never show to you the kind of property that we would not recommend to ourselves...and we would not recommend to our landlords the kind of client that we would not let in our own home.