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Apartment purchase/sell is very important, but stressful moment in life for everyone, so this move should be made wisely. From your real estate consultant depends how you will go through this process. We are here, by your side to watch every step in our joint efforts. Unfortunately, unsettled legal and business environment which cause problems with unsettled ownership`s relations, urban planning, cadastre, slow procedure and deficient laws make everything more complicated, especially for international developers. Fortunately, the majority of these obstacles can be solved or avoided with the help of good real estate consultant. Having in mind mentioned problems and large offer of different properties we have chosen rather conservative, or better said cautios approach, in order to protect our clients from misleading informations, wrong solutions, unverified facts...We advise our clients on all aspects of transaction, give them developing consultancy, trying to maximize benefit for our client.

You can have information on our website for properties which are stored in our database. With such approach, our clients have non-biased and clear picture of our market and quality of offered properties. Continental 100 offers only properties that have been visited and checked by our experienced agents.